GPR Concrete Scanning & Coring Sydney

Our team of specialist technicians work with you on our project to provide rapid, accurate, professional concrete scanning & coring services.

We Get The Job Done Right

We have a strong record of success, with testimonials from past clients that demonstrate our commitment to quality and reliability throughout the scanning process.

We Save Time & Money

Our team boasts over a decade of experience working in plumbing and installation, which gives us the unique insight to understand the most cost effective options identified by the scan. 

We Deliver On Time

Managing risk on a project can be a stressful affair; our team of technicians ensure that the project can proceed smoothly, safely, and on schedule. 

Your Qualified Technicians

All our technicians are trained under the head geophysicist of our GPR equipment supplier, which also means that we can always explain results and solutions clearly to our clients.

GPR are always reliable with a great response time.

They use an online system which the technician uses to generate a report before leaving site, this includes - location, marked up photos clearly identifying any obstructions and a summary of the scan. This report can then be sent straight to the engineers for approval.

Kieran and the team always have the right attitude to get the job done efficiently and safely.



Steel Rebar & Mesh Location

Steel reinforcing bar and reinforcement mesh are crucial elements to the skeleton of your slab. Our scans identify a slab’s structure and guarantee that any cuts, drills or bores do not cause damage to it.

Pipe & Cable Location

It is very common for power cables and plumbing to have been moved during a building’s lifespan. In this situation, the original plans won't reflect the reality of where the utilities are located.

Post Tension Cable Location

The high tensioning of PT cables is both its biggest strength and biggest risk. Our Ground Penetrating Radar (GPR) technology can accurately locate and identify these cables.

Concrete Void Detection

Voids can form in poorly poured concrete creating weakened areas in a concrete structure. A GPR scan will detect these voids which can be assessed to determine the optimum areas of a slab’s strength.

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As part of an upcoming project we needed to procurer a contractor to scan a large area of concrete to ensure the structural integrity prior to installation of large equipment onto the existing concrete slab. GPR Concrete Scanning and Coring provided Sydney Trains with a quotation, which was accepted. The area was scanned using a Mala GPR to determine concrete slab thickness, reinforcement, layout and diameter, sample core hole was drilled. A detailed digital report was provided explaining the finding, which was then given to the structural engineer overlooking the project.


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