About Us

At GPR Concrete Scanning & Coring we aim to provide our customers with the very best service and reliability.

Specialist Team

Our technicians are experts who specialise in Ground Penetrating Radar (GPR) scanning, identification, analysis and profiling of GPR data. Our singular focus ensures our team complete the work, quickly, professionally and accurately.

Highly Trained & Qualified

Our team is trained and mentored by the head geophysicist at the manufacturer of our high precision GPR equipment, Mala GPR. This training ensures that our customers benefit from the highest levels of knowledge, the most accurate analysis and expert advice from our technicians.

Industry Experience

Our Managing Director, Kieran Alder, is also a licensed plumber who has worked in the industry for a decade. Kieran’s experience provides in-depth knowledge and hands-on experience in utilities installation and location across a wide variety of job sites and industries.

Concrete Drilling Sydney

Safely Conduct Concrete Drilling in Sydney with Our Experienced Team

It can be difficult to line up the right contractors for your building project needs for concrete drilling in Sydney. There are too many risks involved to blindly drill into a potentially fragile structure, so you need to find contractors who have the technology to see what lies beneath. With cutting-edge scanning technology, GPR Concrete Scanning & Coring can help you make any concrete cutting and core drilling project a success. 

Why Trust GPR Concrete Scanning & Coring Regarding Core Hole Drilling in Sydney?

So much depends on a sound structure and foundation for your buildings. You want to work with the best team available to safely conduct these scans in your buildings. Consider several ways that we stand out from the alternatives:

  • We’ve been working in this industry for years. Each project that we’ve completed has helped us to hone our skills and develop a detailed understanding of our equipment and what key readings mean.
  • We apply our understanding effectively, turning it into information that’s relevant to you and your project. Our team will walk you through what each scan means and ensure that you understand where any cables, voids, weak spots, and pipes are located so that core drilling will have the lowest chance of damaging your structure.
  • Our services cover every portion of the job. We use equipment that can locate steel rebar and mesh, pipes and cables, and concrete voids. Together, we can identify the best locations for your core drilling in Sydney.

About Our Working Philosophy

It is essential to avoid taking liberties when drilling core holes in Sydney. Our team understands that this procedure requires incredible precision, patience, and understanding, and we have several ways that we put such accuracy into practice.

  • We believe that proper training results in a competent and cohesive team. We train our technicians on the ins and outs of ground-penetrating radar so that we can efficiently conduct scans, parse them to identify features within the concrete, and produce useful reports for our clients.
  • Our team never stops learning. We seek ongoing mentoring from the lead scientists at Mala GPR, the company that manufactures our equipment. As a result of this training, we’re always alert to the progress of this technological field. We ensure that you receive the best service that is technologically possible at any given time.
  • Our team boasts over a decade of experience working in plumbing and installation, which gives us the unique insight to understand what the results of a scan might mean for your team. We’ll speak your language so that you have a clear understanding of building needs and projects considerations.

About GPR Concrete Scanning & Coring

We serve suburbs in Greater Sydney, including Sydney CBD, North to Hornsby, Northern Beaches, Northwest to Richmond, West to Penrith, Southwest to Campbelltown, and the Sutherland Shire. Our team responds promptly to inquiries and is happy to provide an estimate for your next project. Contact us today to book an appointment.