Concrete Void Detection

Concrete is vibrated as it is poured to reduce air pockets and ensure a dense and consistent concrete slab. However, not all slabs have been methodically prepared and poured leading to imperfections and voids creeping in. If your work relies on the strength of a specific concrete slab or wall, these voids can cause vulnerabilities in the structure that could be susceptible to failure.

Working around these voids or relying on these slabs for extra support could lead to critical structural damage or catastrophic failure. Before you risk relying on weakened areas of concrete, a Ground Penetrating Radar (GPR) scan will detect these voids and the voiding can be assessed to determine the optimum areas of slab strength before work commences.

Know What You Are Working On

Imperfections in concrete pouring can create empty air pockets in the finished concrete. These deficiencies are a risk to your team. Before starting work, it is important to locate weaknesses that are caused by voids and imperfections in the slab. Our reinforcement scanning can locate voids in the concrete, giving you accurate information with which to conduct your work. 

Understand your worksite and keep your team safe with our in-depth reports. We share your safety goals and bring a transparent approach to risk management and we pride ourselves on only promising what we can deliver. Limitations do exist for concrete scanning and we will advise you of these when on-site if any issues arise. These limitations may include:

  • Concrete which has not had time to cure
  • An inconsistent surface on the slab leading to scanning anomalies
  • A very high top reinforcement density within the slab can cause poor signal penetration to the bottom of the slab
  • A slab that is too thick may hinder the radar’s ability to penetrate and provide a full readout of its internal structure 

Your safety is fundamental to our approach and we ensure our scans are of the highest standard to ensure the protection of your team and the structure you’re working on.

How We Operate

Your team’s safety is central to our business and we understand the importance of risk management in your industry. Good communication is the foundation of safety and that is why our detailed PDF reports are in plain language and as transparent as possible. We also provide clear pictures and a description of all colour coded markings and their respective meanings where possible. We are available at any time to answer questions and our broad experience means we have real-world knowledge of what we are working on. We do all this to provide you with peace of mind and a clear understanding of your worksite. We pride ourselves on our short turnaround time to minimise your downtime and schedule permitting, we can attend your site on the same day of booking.

A Highly Specialised Team

We have undertaken specialised training in concrete void detection by the head geophysicist at Mala GPR. Combined with real-world experience that includes over 5 years in the concrete scanning industry and over 15 years in the construction industry, it is rare to find a team with our level of expertise. Our previous clients have included businesses from all over Sydney in a broad range of industries. We speak in plain language and are happy to answer any questions you may have both onsite or following the report. Our customer’s safety and satisfaction is our fundamental priority and all our work is completed to the highest standards with you in mind. 

Contact Us Today!

Don’t hesitate to contact us for a quote. Our stress-free booking service is straightforward and we will ask you some clear and simple questions to ensure we understand the scope of work and are prepared to attend your site. Get in touch today for all your concrete scanning needs.