GPR Concrete Scanning & Coring knows that construction professionals need a fast and effective service to locate possible danger beneath a concrete slab before drilling, coring or cutting.

Scanning Reduces Risk & Cost

Without an accurate and timely analysis of the sub-surface slab, there is a risk of damage to your machinery or injuries to your people that result in significant cost implications in terms of financial loss as well as delays to your critical completions date.

Steel Rebar and Mesh Location
As we all know, the structural integrity of a slab relies upon the supporting ‘skeleton’ of steel reinforcing bar or reinforcement mesh that helps give the slab its tensile strength.

As such, it is crucial to have an accurate scan performed to identify the structure and guarantee that any cuts, drills or bores do not cause damage to it.

Pipe and Cable Location
When buildings are refurbished, it is very common for the power cables and plumbing to have been moved around during the various phases of construction. In this situation, the original plans won’t reflect the reality of where the utilities are located.

An example of change is where power or plumbing has been moved to a desk or bench top; the trades have cut channels into the slab to embed their services and covered them with cement.

Post-Tension (PT) Cable Location
Post-tension cables enable buildings to have thinner slabs of concrete that span longer distances between support columns.

The high tensioning of the cables is both its biggest strength and biggest risk; cutting through a post-tension cable has a high risk of very serious injury or death, and catastrophic structural failure.

Our Ground Penetrating Radar (GPR) technology can accurately locate and identify these cables, eliminating any risk.

Concrete Void Detection
As concrete is poured it is vibrated to ensure no air pockets or voids are present. However, not all slabs will have been methodically prepared and perfectly poured, therefore there is a chance that any slab may contain voids and imperfections that weaken the concrete.

Before you risk relying on weakened areas of concrete, a Ground Penetrating Radar (GPR) scan will detect these voids and the voiding can be assessed to determine the optimum areas of slab strength before work commences.

Core Hole Location
Core holes must be drilled in a location that is ideal for both the engineers and the concrete core drillers. By scanning the desired area and analysing the data, our expert scanning specialists can ensure that the core avoid striking the crucial steel reinforcement bar, plumbing pipes, and power cables.
Special Requirements
If you have a specific need or requirement, please get in contact us and our expert scanning specialists will be able to discuss your needs.

Concrete Scanning and Coring

Avoid Costly Damage and Downtime with Concrete Scanning and Coring

When cutting or drilling into a wall or slab of concrete, it’s critical to make sure that concrete scanning and coring are part of your preparation process. Being hasty or indiscriminate with your concrete drilling or demolition can lead to costly damage to your machinery, excessive project downtime, and other avoidable problems. At GPR Concrete Scanning & Coring, we can help you avoid these outcomes with a well-timed and high-quality concrete scan.

What You Should Know about Concrete Scanning

Why is concrete scanning so vital? Scanning is a process that you should initiate well before conducting any concrete cutting, drilling, or demolition work. Here are a few things to know about concrete scanning companies and why their services are essential:

  • We help you avoid damage to cables, wires, and pipes. Concrete walls or floors are no different than other types of walling or flooring: they may be obscuring crucial wiring, cabling, or plumbing infrastructure. Cutting into concrete first and asking questions later risks damaging these structures, which can be challenging to repair without significant expenses or additional demolition to the concrete structure.
  • We help you plan for concrete reinforcements. Remember that in most cases, concrete slabs are not just concrete. The concrete is reinforced with steel rebar, steel mesh, or post-tension cabling. Cutting or drilling through these materials can cause damage to your equipment, compromise the tensile strength of the entire concrete slab, and even risk total structural failure.
  • We help you assess the strength of different concrete slabs. During construction, renovation, or refurbishment, you may need to rely on the strength of a specific concrete slab or wall. Not all concrete structures have been prepared or reinforced in the same way, and some may not provide the structural strength that you need. Our concrete scanning in Sydney can identify reinforcements or locate voids in the concrete, giving you a better sense of its likely strength.

What You Can Expect from GPR Concrete Scanning & Coring Regarding Concrete Scanning in Sydney

Are you looking for concrete scanning companies in Sydney? If so, look no further than GPR Concrete Scanning & Coring. Here’s what to expect when you work with us:

  • A trained and experienced team. Our business has been providing concrete scanning and coring services to the Sydney area for years. Our technicians are trained and qualified in the use of ground-penetrating radar (GPR) to scan and analyse concrete structures. Every member of our team has gone through training with the head geophysicist at Mala GPR, one of the leading manufacturers of high-precision GPR equipment.
  • A versatile approach. Concrete structures aren’t associated with just one industry, but with many. We regularly work with clients across all sectors and trades. From office buildings to retail establishments, we have provided scanning and advice in a variety of locations.
  • A detailed deliverable. When you hire us for GPR scanning, you are paying for crucial information that could significantly influence the design and execution of a project. We are sensitive to these requirements and strive to provide detailed scan reports for each area where we perform a scan. Whether you are assessing the strength of a concrete slab or trying to pinpoint the right place to cut or drill, our reports will give you the information that you need to be as safe, successful, and smart as possible.

Why Customers Should Use GPR Concrete Scanning & Coring

It’s unusual to find a concrete scanning and coring company with technicians who have gone through the detail-oriented training that ours have. This factor, along with our commitment to quality service and our record of client satisfaction, makes us a reliable partner for your next project. Contact us today to learn more.