Sydney Trains

"As part of an upcoming project we needed to procurer a contractor to scan a large area of concrete to ensure the structural integrity prior to installation of large equipment onto the existing concrete slab. GPR Concrete Scanning and Coring provided Sydney Trains with a quotation, which was accepted. The area was scanned using a Mala GPR to determine concrete slab thickness, reinforcement, layout and diameter, sample core hole was drilled. A detailed digital report was provided explaining the finding, which was then given to the structural engineer overlooking the project."

Chris, Project Manager
Glad Group

"I work with GPR Concrete Scanning and Coring on a weekly basis with a major part of our working being for the largest retail shopping centre chain in Australia. Work is performed in and out of trading hours with short turn around; they have been very professional and have never let me down."

Adam Volkers, Services Manager