Frequently Asked Questions

How Are Results Communicated Once The Scan is Completed?

After the conclusion of every job, a scan report is provided to the client. The scan report details the findings from the scan along with a description and relevant imagery. This is all produced using an app, and the final report is emailed to the client in a PDF format.

Are There Limitations to the GPR Equipment?

Ground Penetrating Radar (GPR) can provide high quality images however as the surface materials are very dense and potentially complicated, GPR doesn’t work like a x-ray. There are limitations to GPR scanning. These The best analogy for how GPR appears, is a fish finder found on a boat. An few examples of limitations of the equipment include; the consistency of the concrete, reinforcing within the concrete which can block the signals, the surface of the concrete – is it rough?, has it had enough time to dry?, the training of the person performing the scan can also come into play.

Is There Anything I Should Know When Researching/Booking GPR Concrete Scanning?

It can be difficult to line up the right contractors for your building project needs for concrete drilling in Sydney. There are too many risks involved to blindly drill into a potentially fragile structure, so you need to find contractors who have the technology to see what lies beneath. Ensure you choose a reliable and reputable business with the right training and technology to do the job. With cutting-edge scanning technology, GPR Concrete Scanning & Coring can help you make any concrete cutting and core drilling project a success.

When Should I Get a GPR Scan Done?

It is important to establish what and where any pipe, cables and steel are located in your concrete prior to commencement of any drilling or cutting through the concrete. Therefore it is important to have a GPR scan done, prior to the commencement of any of this work.

How Long Does GPR Scanning Take?

The time taken to conduct each scan varies from job to job. We work with the site specialists to establish their objectives and purpose for the scan. This helps us to establish the size of the area we need to scan.

What Industries do You Service?

GPR Concrete Scanning & Coring service a range of industries from large scale commercial jobs to industrial projects and even a little bit of residential. Whether you are assessing the strength of a concrete slab or trying to pinpoint the right place to cut or drill, we give you the information that you need to be as safe, successful, and smart as possible.