Core Hole Drilling Service

At GPR Concrete Scanning and Coring, we offer a core drilling service to our clients that allows access points in concrete slabs. Concrete slabs contain reinforcements such as steel reinforcement bars (rebar) and post-tension cables which if damaged, can cause catastrophic failure to the structure you’re working on. Concrete slabs also contain service and utility piping that is hidden within the structure. Having an accurately scanned picture of your slab and cutting precise access holes is imperative to ensure the safety of your team and maintain the structural integrity of the slab they are working on. At GPR Concrete Scanning and Coring, safety is at the centre of what we do and our professional team will assist you to complete your work with as little risk as possible.

Know What You Are Working On

We offer core hole drilling up to 250mm in diameter for concrete floors and walls. Core holes are drilled for numerous reasons, including permitting structural testing, upgrading utility services such as plumbing, electrical, phone lines, data cables, or permitting manholes or even vaults to be embedded. Thanks to our precise scanning technology, we are able to drill core holes that leave the structural integrity of the slab intact. We are a business that only promises what we can deliver and we focus on communicating with you every step of the way. There are limitations as there are with any technology and these include:

  • Concrete not being fully cured
  • The slab containing inconsistencies from the pouring stage
  • Top reinforcement within the slab being of very high density leading to signal penetration issues
  • The concrete is very thick, limiting the radar signal's ability to pass all the way through

We only complete core hole drilling when we are completely confident of knowing the slab we are working on. The equipment we use is the latest technology in concrete scanning and core hole drilling and we never compromise on safety, ensuring the protection of your team and the structure.

How We Operate

GPR Concrete Scanning and Coring understand the need for placing safety front and centre in the construction industry. Your team’s safety is our number one priority and we don’t compromise on this. We use a diamond cutting drill rig to core hole drill your concrete structure. The rig is attached to the structure using anchor points and the drill is aided with water cooling in order to reduce friction. This ensures the process is dust free and minimises noise by low friction, non-percussive drilling. The concrete core is removed to leave a perfect core hole that requires no further treatment. We are happy to assist you with any questions you have either before, during or after the work has been completed. We may also be available to come on-site on the day of booking if our schedule permits.

A Highly Specialised Team

We have been serving a wide variety of clients with our scanning and core hole drilling all across Sydney for over 5 years. With over 15 years of experience in the construction industry, we are experts in our field and will provide a valuable service to your project. We have undertaken training with the head geophysicist at Mala GPR, who are the industry leaders in the production of GPR scanning technology. We only operate the best Mala GPR equipment along with our diamond core drills. Our team prides themselves on working to the highest standards to ensure you are satisfied and to maintain the safety of your team.

Contact Us Today!

Don’t hesitate to contact us for a quote. Our stress-free booking service is straightforward and we will ask you some clear and simple questions to ensure we understand the scope of work and are prepared to attend your site. Get in touch today for all your concrete coring needs.