Concrete Coring Sydney



Concrete Coring Sydney

Hire a Team for Quality Scanning and Concrete Coring in Sydney

New projects, renovations, and building upgrades all require specific information that you can only acquire through effective concrete coring in Sydney. GPR Concrete Scanning & Coring uses advanced ground-penetrating radar to develop a clear vision of your building’s concrete stability. Learn about our services and our unique approach to each project.

What We Offer at GPR Concrete Scanning & Coring

Our team provides several quality services to help you ensure that your building is structurally sound. As a result, you can continue working with confidence and protect both your workers and guests and your assets.

  • Concrete Void Detection – This form of concrete testing is necessary in situations that involve air bubbles within the concrete. If an initial pour was not completed correctly or was performed too swiftly, and even if all regular precautions were in place but there were unforeseen complications, then the concrete may have voids that weaken its structure.
  • Pipe and Cable Location – As buildings shift in ownership, usage, and technology, pipes and cables may cease to match the initial building designs. Through these gradual changes, the concrete may experience added strain, additional gaps, and a patchwork of defunct cables or pipes that represent weak spots within it.
  • Steel Rebar and Mesh Location – Whenever we engage in concrete core drilling in Sydney, we take care to locate the steel skeleton supporting the concrete. With careful attention, we can conduct tests, repairs, and installations without damaging the underlying structure.
  • Post-Tension Cable Location – These cables are essential to keep buildings strong without burdening them with additional weight in concrete. Our ground-penetrating radar can locate these cables before drilling begins to prevent any accidental damage to them.

What You Can Expect from GPR Concrete Scanning & Coring Regarding Concrete Investigation

We believe that every client who works with us is entitled to our steadfast commitment to quality. There are several things that you can expect from our team while we’re working on your project:

  • You can count on us to bring a focused, knowledgeable, and dedicated approach to our work. We offer profound attention to detail to help confirm structural integrity and locate any areas that require additional attention or reinforcement.
  • We can work with any special requirements that you may have. We understand that each building is unique and that your needs may be different from other companies, even within a single industry.
  • After we conduct our scans, we provide you with all the reporting information that you’ll need to make decisions. Our scans are easy to understand, but we’re ready to walk you through them if you need guidance.

About GPR Concrete Scanning & Coring

Our team has multiple years of experience working with office, retail, and industrial firms in Sydney for concrete scanning services. This vital work has helped them to safely build, rebuild, and redesign their workspaces while preserving and increasing structural integrity throughout the process.

Contact us today to discuss your upcoming projects and learn how our team can help your business succeed.