Concrete X-Ray Services



Concrete X-Ray Services

GPR Concrete Scanning & Coring Is Your Source for Concrete X-Ray Services

Reliable concrete x-ray services are at the core of the work that construction professionals do every day. Being able to drill into a concrete wall or cut into a concrete slab with confidence—and without causing damage to equipment or the integrity of the structure—is vital. Drilling or cutting into any structure without knowing what lies beyond or beneath it is a safety risk that is not worth taking. At GPR Concrete Scanning & Coring, we help by providing detailed and reliable concrete scanning services.

Why Trust GPR Concrete Scanning & Coring Regarding Concrete X-Ray Services?

If you require concrete x-ray services—whether for a renovation or refurbishment project, a plumbing or electrical service, or something else—you can count on the team at GPR Concrete Scanning & Coring to deliver a high level of service. Here are a few reasons to trust us with your concrete scanning needs:

  • Our technology. The concrete x-ray equipment that we provide is ground penetrating radar (GPR) machinery from Mala GPR. A brand that we trust completely, Mala GPR is known for its high-precision GPR tools. GPR uses electromagnetic waves to penetrate a solid surface. A receiver tracks how those waves reflect, refract, or scatter, which enables us to create detailed, high-quality images of the subsurface structure. These subsurface elements of concrete—which can include anything from cabling to reinforcing mesh to voids in the concrete—give you more information about the structure. 
  • Our training. We don’t merely purchase top-tier equipment from Mala GPR. The company’s head geophysicist also partners with our team, training and mentoring each of our technicians in the best practices of using Mala gear. The result is one of the best-trained teams in the business.
  • Our speed. In the right hands, GPR equipment is a fast and effective way of giving construction professionals the information that they need to proceed with their projects. We are fast, efficient, and capable of coming right to you to perform these services.
  • Our range of services. We can use a concrete floor scanner or wall scanner to identify and locate numerous subsurface structures. These include steel rebar, reinforcement mesh, pipes, cables, post-tension cabling, and concrete voids. Whether you need us to pinpoint an ideal spot for coring a concrete wall or determine the structural integrity of a concrete slab, we can help.
  • Our geographic reach. We regularly bring our concrete x-ray scanner to clients throughout the Sydney area. Our geographic radius includes not just the CBD but also the Northern Beaches, the Sutherland Shire, Hornsby, Richmond, Penrith, Campbelltown, and areas in between. 
  • Our singular focus. We aren’t the only business in the area that utilises GPR technology to provide detailed concrete scans. However, we are unique in that this service is our singular focus. We are not a construction business or an inspection business that offers GPR concrete scans as one of its services as an afterthought. Instead, we have dedicated our business to the craft and strategy of this critical service. The result is a deep level of experience and knowledge that will translate to better results for you.

Why GPR Concrete Scanning & Coring Is Cost-Effective

Investing in concrete x-ray services can identify deficiencies in a concrete slab that you were relying on as a structural anchor for a renovation project. It can tell you where to cut concrete to avoid cables, pipes, rebar, post-tension cables, and other obstacles that might damage the equipment or the structure. Using GPR technology to plan cutting, coring, or drilling of concrete can save money and prevent timeline delays.

At GPR Concrete Scanning & Coring, we can help you to take advantage of these precautions and protections. Contact us today to learn more.